Top 5 Critical Fundraising Boosters

Boost Your Fundraising

These 5 incredible strategies and techniques can double your fundraising event and shorten the time needed to raise the money you need.

#1 A Gift for Your Donors/Supporters

Providing a gift of appreciation to a donor or supporter can boost fundraising by 2000%.  The gift doesn’t have to be equal value of the donation or contribution.  It’s the thought that counts.  Human beings respond to the laws of reciprocity.  If something is done for you, you are inclined to return the favor.

#2 Give Feedback – Avoid Donor/Supporter Burnout

Don’t burnout your donors! If you perform some the simple but important tasks listed below, it is much easier to ask for support every year. We constantly find ourselves asking the same people or organizations for donations year after year.  This barrage of asking can lead to donor/supporter burnout.  Especially if your cause isn’t near and dear to their heart. To compound the this issue, many of us only communicate with our donor and supporters when it’s time to ask for money or volunteer time.  This can be viewed as rude.  Some may may begin to view you as an opportunist (yikes).  Put your repeat donors on a calendar to where you just say hello.  Treat your donors/supporters as human beings, not ATM machines.

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#3 Make Giving Easy – No Friction

I’m sure your know, we are in the electronic internet age.  More so, the mobile smart phone will dominate how we do everything to include collecting fundraising donations.  It is imperative that your fundraiser support the means to collect fundraising donations and contributions online.  The online website MUST be mobile responsive.  No exceptions.  This will allow you to direct traffic to your fundraising website via social media links, email and most of all text message.  At this point, your donors and supporters can easily donate via a credit card.

The days of asking people for a check is soon to be retired.  Additionally, cash is sometimes cumbersome and dangerous to handle.  Go digital for security and speed. It is still necessary to receive a check or cash payments. Just be prepared for extra logistics and security concerns.

We need to share how their money, time and/or energy has directly impacted our cause.

Beyond saying Thank You, did you:

  • Did you share a personal story of a person who benefited from their contribution?
  • Were the results shared of last years victories or achievements?
  • Did you clearly communicate how their donation will help? (i.e. does a $20 donation purchase two backpacks?)

How do these simple things boost your fundraising? If some or all of these things are done, you increase your chances of getting repeat support year after year. The hardest thing to do is to seek NEW DONORS OR SUPPORTERS.

#4 Set Micro Goals

The key component of any goal is the time you have to achieve that goal. I know, there are more components to goal setting such as S.M.A.R.T goals. As it pertains to fundraising, time is always an issue. To many people or organization wait until the last minute to hit 3rd gear and make that final push. This can lead to a dangerous situation to where your fail to meet your goal. Try to avoid waiting until the last minute. This last minute push can be avoided by setting micro goals to combine to make that master goal. Create an award system that is intermittent to the final goal date. This will ensure that no one (including yourself) is waiting until the last minute.

#5 Ask For The Referral

After receiving the donation, kindly ask this question, “Do you know someone almost as good as your who would be interested in supporting X Cause?” Ask them to send their referral a text message informing them that you will contact them. If there referral turns out to be a good referral, you can offer to elevate them to elite referral status or provide an additional gift. Referrals is the #1 mistake people neglect to perform. It is soooooo hard to find a new supporter or donor. It only makes sense to ask your existing contacts for help.


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Dale Scriven
PMP, Inventor, Fundraising Advisor

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