We are dedicated to your success.  Our skills will be used to amplify your fundraiser and boost you to next level.

Dale Scriven

Director and Inventor

Your fundraiser deserves the unique attention it deserves.  I am dedicated to the success of your project.  My fundraising experience, creative mind, organizational skills and Project Management experience are assets I will use to amplify your fundraiser.  I promise to give you my full energy to make your fundraiser easy, fun, hassle free and profitable. My … Read More

Aisha Felder

Marketing Director

I am so happy to work on your fundraising project.  I will leverage my experience with multi billion dollar brands such as Coca Cola and PepsiCo to help your project gain the traction and notoriety it deserves.  I will supercharge and activate your fundraiser to make sure your message and mission spreads fast.  No fundraiser … Read More

Malaika Abernathy

Fundraising Director

It’s all about team.  Ensuring that your fundraiser is a hit is my number one objective.  My motto is “quality over quantity.”  As the the Fundraising Director, I make sure that our team is focused and not overwhelmed with too many fundraisers. I bring my background and experience in planning multi million dollar government projects … Read More