About Us

MindFizzle Fundraising was created exclusively to help individuals and small groups raise money!

We are here to clear the path for you to easily raise money fast by using our proven system called F.A.C.T. Fundraising.

Each fundraiser is created just for you in order to MAXIMIZE your earnings while promoting your cause or organization.

The Spark!

Hello.  My name is Dale Scriven.  I’m a Fundraising Specialist, Inventor, Family Man and an advocate for the underdog.  Through divine consequence, I was compelled to create MindFizzle Fundraising.  An unexpected conversation with a little kid in front of a coffee shop is a moment I will never forget.

The kids name was Native.  While sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee in front of Starbucks, Native asked me if I would support his school fundraiser. Without hesitation I answered yes.  He shuffled through his backpack and gave me a white folder that contained a glossy candle brochure. He handed me the brochure and I reviewed the options.  Upon reviewing the overpriced candles, I couldn’t avoid to noticing the lack of excitement on his face.  I asked him, “Why the lack of excitement?”  He replied boldly, “Who wants to sell candles?”  I looked at him for a few seconds and responded, “Great point.”

Native knew that I invented a brain game called Mind Fizzle.  He asked with excitement, “Dale, can I use Mind Fizzle as a fundraiser?  I may be able to get extra credit.” My conversation with Native created a “Ah Ha Moment.” In a flash, it was obvious that I could use Mind Fizzle to help people raise money.

I quickly went to my office and created a glossy one page product brochure.  Native took the brochure and embarked on his journey to get extra credit to raise money for his school.

To make a long story short, Native went out with a goal to sell 10 games.  Native ended up selling 32 games.  In a weeks time, he raised $400. Native became the hero of his class and was awarded by his teachers for going the extra mile.  Native inspired his classmates to join in. 15 other students joined the cause and raised a total of $6,256 within 2 weeks.

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Help the Underdog

I was so inspired by the success of the fundraiser, I joined the Association of Fundraising Suppliers and Distributors (AFRDS).  Upon joining the organization, I stumbled on a fact that was shocking.  Small organizations and individuals were being ignored by many fundraising companies.  Many of the companies wanted the BIG fundraising contracts.  Small sports teams, clubs and people with individual causes were ignored.  They weren’t given the catered attention needed to make them ultimately successful.

The reality of being ignored was heartbreaking.  For one, I can identify with being the underdog. When I was growing up, I wasn’t viewed as a person who was going to be successful.  I know what it is like to work hard only to be ignored for your efforts.  Even when you succeed, you might receive a half hearted applause or the seldom “pat on your back.”

As a person who was always viewed as an underdog, I was inspired to create MindFizzle Fundraising as a fundraising platform specifically designed for small organizations and individuals.

F.A.C.T Will Help You Succeed

Mind Fizzle the game has been a successful game marketed and sold exclusively on the internet for several years.  In order to operate a successful internet business you have to master many things.

  • Solving Problems – Helping Someone
  • Communication – Creating a clear message
  • The Why – Effective story telling
  • Marketing – Getting the word out
  • Organization – Efficient Actions linked to a goal

I merged all these skills and created a simple system that allows you to be successful. The system is called Mind Fizzle F.A.C.T Fundraising.

When I work with organizations and apply the principles of F.A.C.T Fundraising System, the results are extraordinary.  Small groups of people are able to achieve above average results quickly and easily.  My entire team will focus on there critical areas that will make you successful.

  • Focus
  • Action
  • Cause
  • Target

Proudly, we are able to state that we’ve been able to help hundreds of people rescue their organizations by helping them raise money fast with little no hassle.

We want to make you the hero of your organization.  You have the drive and determination to make your organization #1.  All you need is a little help.

I hope you and I can team up in order to make your organization number one.  I want to make your life easier and help you raise the funds you need to be hyper successful.


Dale Scriven
Fundraising Specialist, Inventor, PMP

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