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MindFizzle Fundraising was created exclusively to help individuals and small groups raise money!

We are here to clear the path for you to easily raise money fast by using our proven system called F.A.C.T. Fundraising.

Each fundraiser is created just for you in order to MAXIMIZE your earnings while promoting your cause or organization.


We Understand

Small groups are expected to win, perform, grow and meet their goals with the unfair burden of being underfunded. You are constantly asked to do more with less.

Given the fact that you need money to run your organization, you are still held accountable for providing good results. Despite the reality of financial challenges, you are always held accountable to perform while facing the fears of poor performance, demotion or termination.

MindFizzle Fundraising has been able to help hundreds of organizations meet their financial goals in midst of these challenges?

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It’s About Success

One of our dear clients Kelly Poole used MindFizzle Fundraising to help several non profits fund school supply drives for financially challenged students. Her efforts helped fund over 2000 back packs filled with educational tools and supplies.

MindFizzle Fundraising was also used to raise $30,415 for the non profit Rag Baby Exchange, who is dedicated to fighting violence in inner city communities by raising self esteem in young children.

These organizations have been able to become better educators, mentors, and teachers in their community by simply infusing the necessary cash into the lifeline of their organizations.

We will be your guide to help you secure the much needed money that will enable you to rescue your cause or organization.

No More Pressure

Are you looking for a fundraiser that’s highly PROFITABLE, EASY, and FUN?  MindFizzle Fundraising provides the experience and support for your fundraising event.

  • Customizable Web Page Template allows you to control the look and feel of your online presence.
  • Custom Communication Scripts will give you the edge in telling your story. A good story will lead to a profitable fundraiser.
  • Unique Prize Program are a great way show an appreciation to your fundraising supporters. Supporters tend to give more when a unique gift is offered.
  • Mobile Friendly Fundraising is a necessity in a text friendly world. Your fundraiser will explode when you engage your supporters in a mobile friendly way.
  • Tracking Thermometer gives your organization the ability to track your progress in real time.
  • Electronic Credit Card Processing will allow donations to come in the form of all 4 major credit cards. Credit cards give your fundraiser and extra boost!.
  • Shipping & Logistics processed by MindFizzle Fundraising. This allows you to concentrate on running your organization. You will not need an army of volunteers. You will not need to sort product deliveries.

Cutting Edge Innovation

MindFizzle Fundraising gives you access to our secret weapon.  We use a proven system called F.A.C.T. (Focus, Action, Cause, Target).  This system allows your fundraiser to reach it’s goal with ease and simplicity.

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Get started and get on the road to meeting your organizations financial goals.  Join the hundreds of organizations that have experience a breath of fresh air by meeting their dire financial goals.

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